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  1. Can I get legally married in Mauritius?
    Yes. You can organize a legal wedding through your travel agent as InterContinental Mauritius Resort does not deal with legal paper work.
  2. What is required to be legally married in Mauritius?
    Getting married requires a lot of paperwork, so make sure you check with your local travel agent about what documentation is needed by your country and Mauritius well before arrival.
  3. Who will assist me with preparations?
    A team member from InterContinental Mauritius Resort will assist you with accommodation. We can also help you organize your event and find a wedding planner.
  4. What type of wedding packages do you offer?
    Our packages include the wedding venue, food and beverages and other requests as per the guest’s needs. Just ask us and we can figure something out!
  5. What is the difference between a traditional wedding ceremony and a renewal of vows ceremony?
    A traditional wedding focuses on the ritual and culture of a local Mauritian ceremony with no officiator, while a Renewal of Vows is arranged by the guest and performed by an officer or celebrant.
  6. Do you offer photography or video services?
    Yes, we provide these services at a surcharge, depending on the request.
  7. How long does the wedding ceremony usually take?
    A civil wedding ceremony takes a maximum of 30 minute, while a religious ceremony will take longer, and depends on the type of wedding.
  8. Do you have a hair salon on the property?
    Yes, we do. We can also assist with organising make-up services.
  9. How many people can we invite to our wedding?
    We can accommodate from 100 to 500 in banquet-style in The Intercontinental Grand Ballroom and Green Olive Beach can host up to 600 seated guests.
  10. Until what time can we celebrate our wedding in your resort?
    Until 11:00pm. After 11:00pm, every hour is chargeable at Rs 20,000.